Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Walter Jones on November 8th - #1,2,3

We're finally here - PRIMARY DAY!  Every vote is going to count in this election, and we need you!  Don't let the rain keep you away; come out and support OUR congressman, Walter Jones!

#1. Since President Obama took office, the federal debt has spiked to over $19 trillion.  Big government has exploded, choking economic growth and eroding our constitutional rights.  President Obama's liberal policies have failed, and Congressman Jones has steadfastly opposed them every step of the way

  • Walter Jones voted against Obamacare and has voted nearly 40 times to defund, repeal or dismantle it.
  • Walter Jones voted against the Wall Street and Detroit Bailouts.
  • Walter Jones voted against Obama's trillion dollar 'stimulus' package.
  • Walter Jones voted against Obama's "Cap-and-Trade" green scheme.

And unlike President Obama and his liberal cronies, Walter Jones knows that to grow our economy and create jobs, we must get the government off the backs of America's job creators.  That is why Congressman Jones has a 100% rating from the nation's leading small business association, which calls him a "Guardian of Small Business."

Walter Jones will never stop working for hardworking North Carolinians.

#2. Eastern North Carolina veterans, active duty military personnel and their families have no better advocate than Congressman Walter Jones.  Congressman Jones has cosponsored more bills to help our veterans than any other member of Congress over the last three years, and he has voted for more motions on the floor of the House to help veterans than any member of Congress over the last 10 years. From voting to protect veterans benefits to helping service members get all the resources they need, Congressman Jones is there for those who've been there for us. That's why he's won awards for his efforts from leading national service organizations including: The Military CoalitionAmerican LegionFleet Reserve AssociationMilitary Officers AssociationThe Military Order of the Purple HeartGold Star Wives of AmericaMarine Corps Reserve Association, and Disabled American Veterans.

Walter Jones never stops fighting for those who fought for us. 

#3.  Walter Jones has a proven record of voting to STOP wasteful foreign aid.  With our national debt over $19 trillion, it makes NO sense to borrow money from China to send to other countries so they can take our jobs.  Congressman Jones believes in keeping our money here for national priorities like securing our borders, safeguarding benefits for our veterans, and investing in our domestic infrastructure.

Walter Jones hasn't voted for a foreign aid bill in over 20 years. 


Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Walter Jones on November 8th - #4

4.  Our constitutional rights and the rule of law are under assault from the Obama administration.  Not only does Walter Jones fight to defend our Judeo-Christian values, but he stands up for the Constitution – always has and always will.  Walter Jones’ record speaks for itself.  He has a long history of doing whatever it takes to keep our Constitution intact, no matter how unpopular it makes him in Congress.  Among other things, he's voted against the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial.  He has also voted multiple times to stop the Obama administration's unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens without a warrant.  


Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Walter Jones on November 8th - #5

The values that made this country great are under attack.  No one seems to know right from wrong anymore.  This is why it is imperative to keep people like Walter Jones in Congress.  

#5. We don't have to wonder where Congressman Walter Jones stands on saving the moral foundation that's made America strong; his proven record says it all.  Walter Jones is a man of deep faith.  He's a stalwart defender of America's Judeo-Christian heritage, and he never wavers.  He's been married to the same wonderful woman for 50 years.  He believes in traditional marriage between one man and one woman.  He is the national leader of efforts to protect both freedom of speech in our churches and the rights of our military chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus Christ.  And Walter Jones is vigorously fighting against the Obama administration's attempts to impose their radical liberal social agenda on the U.S. military. 

Walter Jones fights for the Bible AND the Constitution.


Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Walter Jones on November 8th - #7

This week the House Armed Services Committee will hold its markup for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual defense budget bill.  This legislation is one of the most important bills that will come through Congress this year, and for this reason, we bring you #7 on the list of reasons to VOTE FOR WALTER JONES ON JUNE 7TH!

#7.  As a SENIOR member of the House Armed Services Committee, no one is in a better position than Walter Jones to defend our military installations from realignment and closure.  He has successfully fought against BRAC rounds in the past, and can use his seniority to keep the tens of thousands of jobs associated with our military right here in Eastern North Carolina.  With so much at stake for our military installations and those who are employed by them, it is crucial to have a member of Congress sitting on the top row, not the bottom of the totem pole. 

Walter Jones has a proven record of keeping our military bases open and thriving here in Eastern North Carolina.


Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Walter Jones on June 7th - #8

Here we are with this week's reason to get out and support Walter Jones on June 7th! 

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ALREADY VOTED FOR CONGRESSMAN JONES ON MARCH 15TH, YOUR VOTE DID NOT COUNT. Due to current court proceedings regarding the congressional district lines, the primary has been moved and the votes for March 15th did not get counted. With low voter turnout expected on June 7th, we need your vote NOW more than ever!

#8.  Walter Jones is a leader in the fight to block amnesty and protect our immigration laws. Walter Jones has a proven record of being dedicated to ending our illegal immigration problems, and is the only member of the NC congressional delegation with an A+ rating from Numbers USA, the leading anti-illegal immigration advocacy group.  He has also been named to the U.S. Border Control’s Hall of Fame.    

Walter Jones believes strict border security equals strong national security.


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