Reason #10 in 14 to Vote for Walter Jones on May 6

#10. Because Knowing Eastern North Carolina Matters – Walter Jones knows the issues facing Eastern North Carolina's 3rd District because he's one of us.  Unlike his opponents, he didn't move here a few months ago just to run for office.  He was born here.  He's lived here all his life.  And unlike many who promise the world to get elected, move to Washington and forget about the folks who sent them there, Congressman Jones still drives home to Eastern North Carolina every single week to go to church, tend the yard at his Farmville home and hear directly from us about the issues we care about.


#11. Because Life Matters – Congressman Jones is a pro-life champion, and his voting record shows it.  He has a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee.  

#12. Because Our 2nd Amendment Rights Matter – Congressman Jones knows our Constitution gives law abiding Americans the fundamental right to own guns, and he has a proven record of defending that right.  That’s why he’s proud to have an A rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA). 

#13. Because Fighting For Those Who Serve Matters – Eastern North Carolina veterans, active duty military personnel and their families have no better advocate than Congressman Walter Jones.  From voting to protect veterans benefits to helping service members get all the resources they need, Congressman Jones is there for those who've been there for us.  That's why he's won awards for his efforts from leading national service organizations including: The Military CoalitionAmerican LegionFleet Reserve AssociationMilitary Officers AssociationThe Military Order of the Purple HeartGold Star Wives of AmericaMarine Corps Reserve Association, and Disabled American Veterans.

#14. Because Border Security Matters – Congressman Walter Jones believes border security is national security. He strongly supports strict enforcement of our immigration laws. He is a leader in the fight to eliminate illegal immigration and stop amnesty, and his voting record proves it. He's been awarded an A+ rating by the leading national organization devoted to ending illegal immigration and blocking amnesty. He's also been named to U.S. Border Control's Hall of Fame.



Thank you all for your continued support and together I know we can win on May 6th and keep conservative values in Congress.




Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Congressman Walter Jones

Thank you to the Republican Liberty Caucus for your recent endorsement. Together we can win May 6th to keep conservative values in Congress.




It's Just Too Much Money

Nearly HALF A MILLION in false, negative ads.

That’s how much the Washington insiders are spending against me.  They think they can buy this seat.  Let’s send them a message today that we are not going to sit back and let them do to our community what they’ve done in Washington, DC.  Help me by making a small contribution, so I can fight back and let them know, once and for all, that this seat belongs to US, not the Washington insiders.



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