WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) took action to halt the enactment of a measure that would create no-fishing zones for speckled hinds and warsaw groupers off the coast of North Carolina.  In a letter to the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council, Congressman Jones explained that significant protections are already in place to prevent overfishing of both species.  Furthermore, the last stock assessments on speckled hinds and warsaw groupers were completed 13 and 22 years ago, respectively, with new assessments not expected to be finished until 2016.  Without updated data, there is no way to determine how effective current regulations have been and whether additional measures are necessary to protect the fish. 

“Given the lack of data on the current status of speckled hinds and warsaw groupers, implementing new fishing restrictions at this time would be unjustifiable,” said Congressman Jones.  “I believe we need to give the regulations that are already in place the opportunity to work before enacting additional measures that will hurt Eastern North Carolina’s fishermen.”

For additional information, please contact Sarah Howard in Congressman Jones’ office at (202) 225-3415 or


Sorry is not good enough

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Walter Jones
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