Is Taylor Griffin running for Congress in Eastern North Carolina…or Maryland??

Tonight, Washington lobbyist Taylor Griffin will be holding a fundraiser in Chevy Chase, Maryland.  That’s right, Maryland
Not only is the fundraiser going to be held in the affluent DC suburb, but it will take place at the multi-million dollar home of former TOP WALL STREET LOBBYIST Rob Nichols, who defended the “too big to fail” banks over criticism about receiving taxpayer subsidies.  Mr. Nichols is now poised to take over as head of the American Bankers Association in August.
You have to wonder – what promises is Mr. Griffin making to these out-of-state donors?  With 96% of his money coming from outside the district he wants to represent, does Mr. Griffin REALLY have Eastern North Carolina’s best interests at heart? 
Walter Jones knows Eastern North Carolina.  He was born here and has lived here all his life.  Walter drives home every weekend to attend church and hear directly from us about the issues we care about.

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NC-03: A GOP threeway

Lately, it seems that all of Walter Jones’s campaigns are raucous affairs. DC-based groups dumped millions into his primary race in 2014.  Well, it looks like his 2014 opponent is back for more in 2016 — and is being joined by another challenger.

Taylor Griffin has had a lot of success as a politico in DC.  He’s very well-connected in GOPe circles there.  Groups spearheaded by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol helped him raise all kinds of money last time around, and are likely to do so again this time.  It appears that Team Griffin is running with the same misleading spin that served them so well last time: 

[…] “In the 20 years Walter Jones has been in Congress, his voting record too often strays from conservative principles. He votes with liberal California Democrat Nancy Pelosi more than any other North Carolina Republican. He refused to support the Republican nominee for President in each of the last three elections and just this year he voted against a defense funding bill critical for eastern North Carolina’s military. Walter Jones is a good man, he’s just not a good conservative.” […]

These days, voting with the Republican leadership is not always synonymous with voting conservatively.  We’ve got GOP leaders in DC pushing for more spending and debt, refusing to fight ObamaCare, rolling over to play dead on amnesty, and granting Barry Obama all kinds of fun, new powers on trade that we can’t be told about.

Walter Jones is consistently ranked as either tied as the most conservativeor ranked as the second most conservative member of the North Carolina congressional delegation. Jones is consistently ranked as more conservative than Reps. Patrick McHenry and Virginia Foxx, two North Carolinians who are part of John Boehner’s leadership team and regularly vote with House GOP leadership. 

It sounds like that dead horse will be beaten some more — even though the facts in no way or shape support it. 

Philip Law is also in the race.  Though, he is not going after Jones personally like Griffin is.



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