Budget Spending and Taxes

"I will never forget that the Federal Budget is made up of your tax dollars and I will always make sure they are used in the most cost effective way possible."

The United States National debt recently reached a staggering 21 Trillion dollars.  Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told the Senate Intelligence Committee recently that "the failure to address our long-term fiscal situation has increased the national debt to over $21 trillion and growing. This situation is unsustainable, as I think we all know, and represents a dire threat to our economic and national security."   

We must cut foreign aid and take care of our own people first.  

We must cut out the pork that flows to the districts of Congressional leaders and make budget decisions based on common sense priorities.

We must make the tough decisions necessary to operate under the same fiscal rules that businesses and individuals operate under.

We must take these steps NOW to secure a future for our children and our grandchildren.