Economy and Jobs

Where I Stand

It is essential that Congress reform our regulatory, legal, tax, trade and fiscal environment so that U.S. employers can grow their businesses and put unemployed Americans back to work.  I am committed to that cause, and vote accordingly on the House floor.

To get on track we need to reduce regulatory impediments to job creation, improve the legal environment for job creators, keep taxes low, and dramatically reduce federal spending.

What we don’t need is more government “stimulus”.  In my opinion, the record shows that more government will impede, not stimulate, job creation.  That is why I voted against President Obama’s wasteful $1 trillion “stimulus” bill.

I also believe that U.S. trade policy should create jobs and economic opportunity for Americans, not take them away.  Unfortunately, I believe our trade negotiators have consistently sold out American interests at the negotiating table.  The result has been trade “deals” that have given away domestic industry, resulted in the outsourcing of millions of U.S. jobs, and eroded the sovereignty of our republic.  Congress must get smart about trade and demand that the Executive Branch level the playing field for American companies and their employees.