How Dumb Do They Think We Are???

The Washington Establishment is back at it.  Once again, the Establishment's puppet, Taylor Griffin, has called on his fellow lobbyists from Wall Street and K Street to try to BUY his way into Eastern North Carolina.  How dumb do they think we are??  Please click on the recent article below from The Daily Haymaker outlining Mr. Griffin's close ties to the big-money Elite of New York and Washington.

NC-03: Wow. Taylor Griffin IS being bankrolled by Wall Street & K Street

Just as we did two years ago, let's remind the Establishment and their friends that we don't take too kindly to folks coming down here and trying to tell us what to do.  Eastern North Carolina is a special place that can only be understood by those who truly know it - people like ENC native Congressman Walter Jones!!  Time and time again, Congressman Jones has listened to the people of the 3rd District and fought for our ideals and principles.  Now it's our turn to help Congressman Jones send the message that EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA IS NOT FOR SALE!!  





Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) voted against raising the debt limit until March 2017 in the budget deal negotiated between former Speaker John Boehner and President Obama. The deal passed the House 266 to 167, with 79 Republicans siding with nearly every Democrat in passing the deal.

“With a debt of over $18 trillion, congressional leadership and President Obama cooked up a scheme to add $1.5 trillion more to the debt, to provide more deficit-financed money to the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) slush fund to continue unauthorized, unconstitutional wars in the Middle East, and to steal money from the Social Security Trust Fund to bail out the insolvent Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund,” said Congressman Jones. “The people of Eastern North Carolina want the federal government to stop out of control spending, and this deal only makes things worse. We can’t continue to borrow from the Chinese and leave our kids and grandkids with the tab. We’ve got to have the courage to start cutting spending, and the waste, fraud, and abuse in Afghanistan is a great place to start. But we’ve got to start, and before it’s too late.”


Defending Our Troops' Rights

Washington, D.C., lobbyist-turned-candidate for Congress Taylor Griffin criticized my vote against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Apparently, Mr. Griffin thinks the best way to thank our troops for their service is to slash their earned benefits. I beg to differ.

Among other things, the NDAA will cut the Basic Housing Allowance for service members. It will also increase Tricare copays on prescription drugs, hurting those in our military who have put their lives on the line to serve our country.

And while the bill cuts benefits for our troops, it provides another several hundred million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to pay the salaries of Afghan soldiers and policemen. These would be the same Afghan soldiers who have murdered and wounded dozens of their American trainers, and who are raping young Afghan boys on U.S. military bases with impunity.

Defending those who defend us is my highest priority. That is why I have co-sponsored more bills to help our veterans than any other member of Congress.

What I will not do is endorse legislation pushed by political leaders in Washington that breaks the faith with our men and women in uniform. It is sad to see that Mr. Griffin will.



"I voted no on the NDAA conference report for fiscal year 2016, which passed the House last week. While this bill contains many good things, it does nothing to stem the waste, fraud, and abuse of U.S. taxpayers’ money in Afghanistan and Iraq. Instead, it authorizes the borrowing of another $38 billion – much of it from foreign powers like China and Russia – to finance the emergency overseas operations (OCO) account that has morphed into a slush fund for wasteful spending in Iraq and Afghanistan.  At a time when the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR), John Sopko, repeatedly reports that waste of federal funds in Afghanistan is worse than ever, it is inexcusable for Congress to continue to enable it.  While this legislation provides more money for the endless wars in the Middle East, this bill cuts the Basic Housing Allowance for service members and increases Tricare copays on prescriptions, hurting members of our military who have put their lives on the line to serve our country.  The corruption and the waste have to stop, both overseas and here at home.  I will continue to do everything I can to ensure a strong national defense while cutting out the waste of American tax dollars and protecting the benefits our troops deserve.”



Last week's announcement by soon-to-be former Speaker John Boehner was a major win for true conservatives. Here in Eastern North Carolina, we are so lucky to be represented by an effective leader who was a BIG part in making this important change happen – Congressman Walter Jones!

Now is a CRUCIAL time to show Congressman Jones how much we appreciate his efforts. With the 3rd Quarter coming to end THIS WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT, it is more important than ever for Congressman Jones to show major financial support from friends like you. Because of Congressman Jones' independence and desire to return a TRUE conservative to the House leadership, he has a bulls-eye on his back. Every little bit shows the Establishment that the war chest is stocked and we're ready to FIGHT!

Click HERE NOW and show your support for an effective congressman who is making things happen! With friends like you, Congressman Jones can continue to make a real difference in Washington!  Remember, send your contribution in before midnight THIS WEDNESDAY!! 


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