How Dumb Do They Think We Are???

The Washington Establishment is back at it.  Once again, the Establishment's puppet, Taylor Griffin, has called on his fellow lobbyists from Wall Street and K Street to try to BUY his way into Eastern North Carolina.  How dumb do they think we are??  Please click on the recent article below from The Daily Haymaker outlining Mr. Griffin's close ties to the big-money Elite of New York and Washington.

NC-03: Wow. Taylor Griffin IS being bankrolled by Wall Street & K Street

Just as we did two years ago, let's remind the Establishment and their friends that we don't take too kindly to folks coming down here and trying to tell us what to do.  Eastern North Carolina is a special place that can only be understood by those who truly know it - people like ENC native Congressman Walter Jones!!  Time and time again, Congressman Jones has listened to the people of the 3rd District and fought for our ideals and principles.  Now it's our turn to help Congressman Jones send the message that EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA IS NOT FOR SALE!!  



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