Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) voted against raising the debt limit until March 2017 in the budget deal negotiated between former Speaker John Boehner and President Obama. The deal passed the House 266 to 167, with 79 Republicans siding with nearly every Democrat in passing the deal.

“With a debt of over $18 trillion, congressional leadership and President Obama cooked up a scheme to add $1.5 trillion more to the debt, to provide more deficit-financed money to the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) slush fund to continue unauthorized, unconstitutional wars in the Middle East, and to steal money from the Social Security Trust Fund to bail out the insolvent Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund,” said Congressman Jones. “The people of Eastern North Carolina want the federal government to stop out of control spending, and this deal only makes things worse. We can’t continue to borrow from the Chinese and leave our kids and grandkids with the tab. We’ve got to have the courage to start cutting spending, and the waste, fraud, and abuse in Afghanistan is a great place to start. But we’ve got to start, and before it’s too late.”

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