WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) voted in favor of legislation that would require President Barack Obama to diligently enforce all laws passed by Congress rather than execute only the pieces of legislation that fit his political agenda.  H.R. 4138, the ENFORCE the Law Act of 2014, would establish a procedure through which either the House or Senate could bring civil action against any member of the executive branch that does not faithfully enforce the law.  Such cases would be heard by a three-judge panel of a U.S. district court and could be directly appealed to the Supreme Court. 

“President Barack Obama – and all future presidents of the United States – should not be allowed to cherry-pick which laws they want to enforce,” said Congressman Jones.  “It is time we uphold the Constitution, which clearly states that the executive has a responsibility to faithfully administer all laws passed by Congress.”

H.R. 4138 passed the House with a vote of 233 to 181 and will now go to the Senate for further consideration.

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