Top 14 Reasons in 2014 to Vote Walter Jones May 6

#1. Because Stopping Barack Obama and Creating Jobs Matters – Since President Obama took office, the federal debt has spiked to over $17 trillion.  Big government has exploded, choking economic growth and eroding our constitutional rights.  President Obama's liberal policies have failed, and Congressman Jones has steadfastly opposed them every step of the way

  • Walter Jones voted against Obamacare and has voted nearly 40 times to defund, repeal or dismantle it.
  • Walter Jones voted against the Wall Street and Detroit Bailouts.
  • Walter Jones voted against Obama's trillion dollar 'stimulus' package.
  • Walter Jones voted against Obama's "Cap-and-Trade" green scheme.

And unlike President Obama, Walter Jones knows that to grow our economy and create jobs, we must get the government off the backs of America's job creators.  That is why Congressman Jones has a 100% rating from the nation's leading small business association, which calls him a "Guardian of Small Business."


#2. Because Stopping Wasteful Foreign Aid Matters  It makes no sense for America to borrow money from China and then give it to other countries so they can take our jobs.  That is why Congressman Jones hasn't voted for a foreign aid spending bill in over 18 years.  

#3. Because Values Matter – We don't have to wonder where Congressman Walter Jones stands on saving the moral foundation that's made America strong; his proven record says it all.  Walter Jones is a man of deep faith.  He believes in the Bible and the Constitution.  He's a stalwart defender of America's Judeo-Christian heritage, and he never wavers.  He's been married to the same wonderful woman for over 40 years.  He believes in traditional marriage between one man and one woman, and he strongly supported the North Carolina marriage amendment.  He is the national leader of efforts to protect both freedom of speech in our churches and the rights of our military chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus Christ.  And Walter Jones is vigorously fighting against the Obama administration's attempts to impose their radical liberal social agenda on the U.S. military. 

#4. Because Liberty Matters -- Our constitutional rights and the rule of law are under assault from the Obama administration.  While some in Washington choose to go-along to get-along, Congressman Jones is standing up to fight.  Among other things, he's voted against the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial.  He has also voted multiple times to stop the Obama administration's unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens without a warrant.   

#5. Because the Constitution Matters --  Unlike so many in Washington, Congressman Jones actually honors his oath to "support and defend the Constitution."  That is why his perfect record of voting to adhere "to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and a traditional foreign policy” recently earned him the Constitution Award from The New American magazine. 

#6. Because Conservative Action Matters -- Congressman Walter Jones is a proven conservative leader.  In 2013, FreedomWorks scored him as the most conservative member of the North Carolina congressional delegation, and one of the top 10 most conservative members of the House.  Earlier this month he was recognized as an "ACU Conservative" by the American Conservative Union.  And RedState named Walter Jones one of the ten members of the House "Conservative Fight Club."  

#7Because Seniority Matters -- Congressman Walter Jones is one of the most senior members of the House Armed Services Committee.  He's used that position to protect Eastern North Carolina's military installations from realignment or closure through two BRAC rounds.  As budgets tighten and pressure mounts to close additional bases, Walter Jones is in the best position to defend the tens of thousands of jobs associated with Eastern North Carolina's military facilities. 

#8. Because Cutting Wasteful Spending Matters – Congressman Walter Jones is a proven leader in the fight to stop runaway deficit spending.  He is the only member of Congress to vote against every increase in the federal debt limit over the past ten years.  He's also the only member of Congress to vote against every debt-ridden, deficit-filled budget over the past ten years.  Congressman Jones knows that to get America out of the fiscal ditch we need to cut wasteful spending, balance the budget and stop kicking the can down the road.  That's why he strongly supports and has always voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

#9. Because Repealing Obamacare Matters --  Congressman Jones knows that a government takeover of our health care system is a recipe for disaster.  That is why he voted against Obamacare.  He is committed to stopping this terrible law, and has cosponsored every bill aimed at repealing all or part of it.  All told he has voted nearly 40 times to repeal, defund, and dismantle Obamacare

#10. Because Knowing Eastern North Carolina Matters – Walter Jones knows the issues facing Eastern North Carolina's 3rd District because he's one of us.  Unlike his opponents, he didn't move here a few months ago just to run for office.  He was born here.  He's lived here all his life.  And unlike many who promise the world to get elected, move to Washington and forget about the folks who sent them there, Congressman Jones still drives home to Eastern North Carolina every single week to go to church, tend the yard at his Farmville home and hear directly from us about the issues we care about.

#11. Because Life Matters – Congressman Jones is a pro-life champion, and his voting record shows it.  He has a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee.  

#12. Because Our 2nd Amendment Rights Matter – Congressman Jones knows our Constitution gives law abiding Americans the fundamental right to own guns, and he has a proven record of defending that right.  That’s why he’s proud to have an A rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA). 

#13. Because Fighting For Those Who Serve Matters – Eastern North Carolina veterans, active duty military personnel and their families have no better advocate than Congressman Walter Jones.  From voting to protect veterans benefits to helping service members get all the resources they need, Congressman Jones is there for those who've been there for us.  That's why he's won awards for his efforts from leading national service organizations including: The Military CoalitionAmerican LegionFleet Reserve AssociationMilitary Officers AssociationThe Military Order of the Purple HeartGold Star Wives of AmericaMarine Corps Reserve Association, and Disabled American Veterans.

#14. Because Border Security Matters – Congressman Walter Jones believes border security is national security. He strongly supports strict enforcement of our immigration laws. He is a leader in the fight to eliminate illegal immigration and stop amnesty, and his voting record proves it. He's been awarded an A+ rating by the leading national organization devoted to ending illegal immigration and blocking amnesty. He's also been named to U.S. Border Control's Hall of Fame.

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