Tea Party Nation Endorsement


There are a lot of incumbents who need to go. House Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the rest of the Republican Leadership top the list of those who need to go.

There is someone who needs to stay in Washington.

Who is it?

It is Walter Jones from North Carolina’s Third Congressional District.


Jones has been a great congressman.  He has consistently voted against the big spending continuing resolutions that Congress has passed to avoid the responsibility of having a budget.

Jones is 100% pro life.  He has fought against Obamacare tooth and nail.  He opposed the Paul Ryan budget.  He voted against the pork laden farm bill, despite pressure from the GOP establishment.  He voted to defund Obamacare and stood with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee when the government shut down. 

He voted against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which was a major assault on civil liberties and the Constitution.  He has fought to block the Obama Regime from granting Amnesty by an administrative process.

Jones was removed from his position on the Financial Services Committee in 2013 as punishment for not supporting John Boehner and surrendering enough.

In short, this guy stands up for the Constitution, bucks the GOP establishment when they want to surrender and go left.  What is not to like about him?

One of Jones’ greatest points is that he has stood with American victims of terrorism and worked to allow them to sue terrorists and states like Iran that support terrorism.

Jones has a 100% rating from National Right to Life and a 0% rating from NARAL, the political arm of the abortion industry.  The National Education Association gives him an “F” which means he supports kids and not educational bureaucrats and union teachers.

Freedom Works gives him a 95 and Eagle Forum gives him a 100.

He is opposed by Taylor Griffin.

Taylor Griffin has spent most of his adult life as a political staffer or working as a lobbyist.  He may be a good guy but he presents no compelling case to replace Walter Jones.

Jones has been a strong voice for liberty and for the Constitution. He deserves two more years in Congress and Tea Party Nation is proud to endorse him.

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