Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Walter Jones on November 8th - #5

The values that made this country great are under attack.  No one seems to know right from wrong anymore.  This is why it is imperative to keep people like Walter Jones in Congress.  

#5. We don't have to wonder where Congressman Walter Jones stands on saving the moral foundation that's made America strong; his proven record says it all.  Walter Jones is a man of deep faith.  He's a stalwart defender of America's Judeo-Christian heritage, and he never wavers.  He's been married to the same wonderful woman for 50 years.  He believes in traditional marriage between one man and one woman.  He is the national leader of efforts to protect both freedom of speech in our churches and the rights of our military chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus Christ.  And Walter Jones is vigorously fighting against the Obama administration's attempts to impose their radical liberal social agenda on the U.S. military. 

Walter Jones fights for the Bible AND the Constitution.

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