Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Walter Jones on November 8th - #7

This week the House Armed Services Committee will hold its markup for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual defense budget bill.  This legislation is one of the most important bills that will come through Congress this year, and for this reason, we bring you #7 on the list of reasons to VOTE FOR WALTER JONES ON JUNE 7TH!

#7.  As a SENIOR member of the House Armed Services Committee, no one is in a better position than Walter Jones to defend our military installations from realignment and closure.  He has successfully fought against BRAC rounds in the past, and can use his seniority to keep the tens of thousands of jobs associated with our military right here in Eastern North Carolina.  With so much at stake for our military installations and those who are employed by them, it is crucial to have a member of Congress sitting on the top row, not the bottom of the totem pole. 

Walter Jones has a proven record of keeping our military bases open and thriving here in Eastern North Carolina.

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