Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Walter Jones on June 7th - #8

Here we are with this week's reason to get out and support Walter Jones on June 7th! 

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ALREADY VOTED FOR CONGRESSMAN JONES ON MARCH 15TH, YOUR VOTE DID NOT COUNT. Due to current court proceedings regarding the congressional district lines, the primary has been moved and the votes for March 15th did not get counted. With low voter turnout expected on June 7th, we need your vote NOW more than ever!

#8.  Walter Jones is a leader in the fight to block amnesty and protect our immigration laws. Walter Jones has a proven record of being dedicated to ending our illegal immigration problems, and is the only member of the NC congressional delegation with an A+ rating from Numbers USA, the leading anti-illegal immigration advocacy group.  He has also been named to the U.S. Border Control’s Hall of Fame.    

Walter Jones believes strict border security equals strong national security.

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