Top Ten Reasons to Vote For Walter Jones on November 8th

Back by popular demand, it's the Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Walter Jones on June 7th!!  Please tune in every week as we count down to primary day!

In light of Hillary Clinton’s recent comment regarding the unborn, let’s kick things off with Walter’s pro-life stance and legislation.

#10.  To Walter Jones, there is nothing more sacred than life and protecting the unborn.  As a member of the Pro-Life Caucus with a 100% rating from National Right to Life, Congressman Jones has introduced and supported legislation to defend the unborn.  For example, Congressman Jones introduced H. Res. 399, so that the House would consider legislation to protect traditional marriage and prevent taxpayer funding of abortion.  He has also supported every piece of legislation to defund Planned Parenthood.

Walter Jones will never stop fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.




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