Where I stand

America was built upon Judeo-Christian values, and these values should be protected.  During my years in Congress I have been a steadfast supporter of traditional marriage, the unborn, and the free exercise of religion. I am an active senior member of both the Values Action Team (VAT) and the Pro-Life Caucus.

Legislative Action in the 113th Congress

Introduced Legislation

H.R. 127 - Would repeal the Lyndon B. Johnson Amendment of 1954 and return freedom of speech to our nation’s houses of worship so that they may speak out on issues of the day without fear of reprisal from the IRS.

H.R. 343 - Would protect the rights of military chaplains to close a prayer according to the dictates of the chaplains’ faith.

Cosponsored Legislation

H. Res. 147 - A resolution calling for the immediate release of United States citizen Saeed Abedini, who is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence in Iran for his Christian faith.

H.R. 940 - Healthcare Conscience Rights Act - Would provide badly needed conscience protections for Americans who face an increasingly frequent use of coercive means — governmental and other — to compel participation in providing abortions and other procedures regardless of religious and moral objections.

H.R. 1091 – Life at Conception Act - Would declare that life begins at conception, thus providing important protections for the unborn.