Walter Jones Record

*Walter Jones voted against Obamacare and has cosponsored and voted for every single bill to repeal and/or defund it, in whole or in part.

*Walter Jones has a proven record of defending the 2nd Amendment. That’s why he’s proud to have an A rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

*Walter Jones is the only member of Congress to vote against every increase in the federal debt limit over the past nine years. He’s also the only member of Congress to vote against every debt-ridden budget over the past nine years.

*Walter Jones has been awarded an A+ and a 100% rating by the two leading national organizations devoted to ending illegal immigration. He’s also been named to U.S. Border Control’s Hall of Fame.

*Walter Jones has a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee. He’s been there time and again voting to block taxpayer funding of abortions and to block taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.

*Walter Jones’ leadership in the fight for veterans and our men and women in uniform has earned him several awards from leading national service organizations including the American Legion, the Fleet Reserve Assoc. & the Military Coalition.

*Walter Jones voted against the Wall Street Bailout.

*Walter Jones supported and voted for legislation to build the Keystone XL Pipeline and to expand oil and gas drilling right here in America. He’s also supported measures to require federal regulators to curb manipulation of oil and gas markets, and he’s opposed the Federal Reserve’s trillion dollar money printing campaign that has raised the price of oil.

*Walter Jones has not voted for a foreign aid spending bill in 17 years.

*Walter Jones voted against Obama’s trillion dollar ‘stimulus’ package.

*Walter Jones voted against Obama’s “Cap-and-Trade” green scheme.

*Walter Jones has a 100% rating from the nation’s leading small business association, which calls him a “Guardian of Small Business.”

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